About Tania

- Discover ways to live a holistic lifestyle -

I'm a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, living in Brooklyn, New York. I also serve the Northern New Jersey area and California. My Education includes the Institute for Integrative Nutrition & SUNY for Holistic Health Counseling, an NEI Certification with NeuroScience, and a Environmental Medicine: An Integrative Approach Certification from The University of Arizona and Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.
My practice, Food for Healing began shortly after graduating IIN. It is an educational practice that delves into the world of using food for healing purposes as well as for pleasure. Realizing that we are what we eat and how we work, and our relationships and our physical activity.
I work with individual clients but I thrive with groups, lecturing and workshops, teaching people about food, the environment, supplements, lifestyle changes, stress management. My specialty is Neuro, Endo and Immune Systems and everything that falls within those systems such as depression & anxiety, sleep disorders, thyroid disorders, adrenal disorders, fatigue, PMS, autoimmune and food sensitivities.

Food for Healing utilizes methods that reveal the root cause of the illness whereas most Physicians and most of the medical community utilize band aids without ever really knowing or examining what is causing this problem within the body.

As a Health Practitioner Tania has partnered with Nutraceutical companies and Laboratories that utilize Functional Medicine (medicine that finds the root cause of the disease) therefore she is able to test for food sensitivities, neurotransmitters, adrenal function, hormones, hair analysis, environmental chemical and mold testing, gut health, micronutrient testing and more. This allows Tania to better understand the imbalance to provide a targeted wellness plan where you can find real results and finally get answers!